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Future Projects - Emisal

Current factories produce quantities of highly saline solutions that are stored in special ponds as they contain large quantities of potassium, magnesium, bromine and boron salts. These solutions are the raw material for new EMISAL projects, which are:

Potassium sulfate project: potassium sulfate is used as an agricultural fertilizer to increase the production of tubers such as potatoes and others. Because of the low percentage of potassium in the Egyptian soil, it has been importing from abroad to compensate the decrease in potassium percentage, and the plant is being constructed.

An international tender has been launched to establish three factories to produce:

  1. Magnesium chloride, magnesium chloride is a vital substance for its many uses in many industrial, agricultural and environmental purposes. Magnesium chloride is used as a main source for the production of magnesium and chlorine elements. It is also used in the textile industry, the paper industry and as depressant of dust in desert, dirt roads, mines and quarries. Also Used as one of the raw materials for drilling fluids of oil wells as well as the manufacture of herbicides of agricultural lands.
  2.  Bromine, the main use of bromine gas is in fire extinguishers, the production of ethylene bromide, and other uses such as bleaching and sterilization in the medical fields.
  3.  Boric acid. The largest industrial use of boron is in the production of glass fibers, the installation of borosilicate glass, the manufacture of ceramics, the manufacture of detergents, bleaching materials and agricultural purposes.

The project of establishing an industrial complex in the north of the lake:

The company plans to establish an industrial complex in the north of Qarun lake, after preparing and studying the technical and economic feasibility of establishing this project for the production of industrial and edible salts on an area of 4000 acres in the northern area of Lake Qarun.

This project depends on the use of solar and industrial energy so it is considered a unique project and one of the few projects at the global level that integrates industrial energy with natural energy in one operating panel and uses on the latest technology of salts industry in the company of EMISAL, in terms of processing solutions and extraction equipment.

This project is similar to the project of Emisal in the south of Qarun lake and is considered as a national project with many objectives as the biological protection of Qarun lake, the use of advanced technology and the investment of natural resources and salts in the lake.

The objective of the project:-

First: social objectives
the establishment of a new integrated industrial community and the improvement of the conditions of the poor communities around the lake

first: social goals:
Second: economic objectives
The production of high purity salts for the local market and for export.

Project Stages:

Project will establish in three stages

First stage:

Establish three factories:

1- Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate Salt (Na2So4) factory with a production capacity 250 thousand tons / year.
2- High purity of Sodium chloride (Vacuum) factory with a production capacity 500 thousand tons / year.
3- Magnesium sulfate factory with a production capacity 50 thousand tons / year.

Second stage:

1- Magnesium chloride factory with a production capacity 150 thousand tons/year.
2- Potassium sulfate factory with a production capacity 20 thousand tons/year.
3- Bromide salts factory  with a production capacity 1500 thousand tons/year.

Third stage:

1- Soda ash factory with a production capacity 250 thousand tons/ year.
2- Sodium hydroxide and Chlorine factory with a production capacity 50 thousand tons/year.