the egyptian minerals and salts Company at Fayoum


Egyptian Shareholding Company in accordance with the provisions of the investment laws since 1984.It was a milestone in the salt industry especially edible salt for more than 35 years

We, the Egyptian Minerals and Salts Company at Fayoum (EMISAL), are an Egyptian joint stock company in accordance with the provisions of the Arab and Foreign Investment Law and its amendments.
The company was established with the primary environmental objective of improving the salinity concentration of Qaron lake in the appropriate boundaries  of marine life because of the environmental.. more

رئيس مجلس الإدارة والعضو المنتدب
The Chairman of the Board and the managing director
Dr. Engineer – Hussein Hatem Shetiah

About (EMISAL)

Welcome to the salt production edifice

The Egyptian Company for Salt and Minerals (EMISAL) places research and development activities at the top of its priorities, in light of its belief that continuing innovative work will be reflected on the development of the company’s business and thus consolidated its position in the industrial and food field at the local and international market levels.

Therefore, the company seeks to find and develop innovative solutions that enhance its ability to achieve its vision and strategic objectives while improving the skills of all employees.

Health standards

EMISAL is committed to high health standards in order to maintain the safety of the final product, starting from the workers and their standard uniform to their periodic checks and the Laboratory testing of the products to ensure their safety and compliance with health safety standards before they reach the consumer.

Preservation of the environment

The goal for which the company was established is to preserve the environmental and biological system of Qarun Lake, not to convert it into a dead lake (as Qarun Lake is a closed lake) which receives most of the agricultural drainage water in Al- Fayoum governorate and the waters of the lake are characterized by unique chemical components as the concentration of sulfate ion increases to four times more than its concentration in sea water.

million pounds is the capital of the company
workers in the company doing their best to produce a high-quality local product
The company contributed about one million in state resources in the period from 2010 to 2023.
Salts was produced with worth 5.891 billion that was imported in hard currency.

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Our products are used in many fields

Food Industries

Such as sodium chloride salt, which is used in the dairy industry, and table salt

Chemical industries

Such as the sodium sulfate salt which is used in dry industrial detergents, paper and glass industries and the sodium chloride salt which is used in the manufacture of soda ash, chlorine and sodium hydroxide.

Medical Industry

Such as sodium chloride salt that is used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical solutions, intravenous solutions, and dialysis solutions.

Agricultural industry

Such as the magnesium sulfate salt, which is used as agricultural fertilizer.

Products Brochure

The product brochure includes all the products offered by the company, their uses and Its chemical properties.

High purity Sodium Chloride (vacuum) plant and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) 

The company’s factories

The company have many factories to manufacture different kinds of salts, which are used in various fields starting from table salt, to medical salt passing through  agricultural fertilizers.

  • Dry detergents.
  • Papermaking and glass production in accordance with the highest quality standards.
  • Dyeing, dairy and food industries.
  • Edible salt 
  • An agricultural fertilizer.
  • Pharmaceutical solutions industry.
  • Intravenous solutions industry.
  • Solution for artificial kidney treatment.
  • Emisal is the first company in Egypt to produce sodium chloride salt (vacuum), where the nutritious solution of the vacuum plant is prepared in evaporation ponds to reach the required standard.

Our vision and the values we adopt

Customers satisfaction

We adopt the latest technological systems and research and development activities in all fields to reach customer satisfaction.

Preserving the environment

The company was established with an environmental objective in the first place, which is to improve the salinity concentration of Qarun Lake in the appropriate limits of marine life.

Strong partnerships

The company aims to build a strong professional network through (making –creating –establishing) strong, constructive and continuous partnerships for all partners.

Community service

We set objectives to serve the community through development projects

Quality Systems Certificates

Some of the quality systems certificates that have been obtained by (EMISAL)

ISO 22000 – 2018

ISO 14001 – 2015

ISO 9001- 2015

Our partners in success

The giants of the Egyptian industry trust the Egyptian company for salt and minerals “EMISAL”

About Emisal

The company was established with the primary environmental objective of improving the salinity concentration of Qarun lake in the appropriate boundaries   of marine life because of the environmental, economic and social importance to the surrounding community and Egypt in general, by building an industrial base at the lake site to extract and manufacture a variety of products such as table salt and industrial salts and present their products to the local, Regional, and global markets.

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