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EMISAL believes that continued innovative work is reflected
in the company’s development through research and development

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Research and development objectives:-

The Egyptian Minerals And Salts Company at  Fayoum (EMISAL) places research and development activities at the top of its priorities, and its belief that continuing innovative work will be reflected on the development of the company’s business and thus consolidated its position in the industrial and food field at the local and international market levels.

Therefore, the company seeks to find and develop innovative solutions that enhance its ability to achieve its vision and strategic objectives while improving the skills of all employees, improves the commonly accepted manufacturing standards in production. Based on this vision the company has succeeded in launching and implementing the following initiatives:

  • Teamwork is the motivation to continue achieving successes and grow the company’s business.
  • Investing in improving the skills of employees and developing their abilities through appropriate training programs.

The company works to improve the interaction of workers with their superiors by research activities to keep up with the latest global technology and applying it in the company.

The objective of (EMISAL) is to improve the quality of its products to meet the requirements of its customers, as the research and development team  that includes the most qualified experts is working to develop and innovate new means to develop the company’s products, in order to achieve the company’s objectives in relation to the requirements of existing customers and attract new customers.

The company is committed to keeping up with the latest technologies related to the local and international manufacturing standards in order to be able to make the right strategic decisions.

The General Administration for Research and developments  participates in studies, research and follow-up of research projects and studies on development, whether in products or production lines (modifications), which leads to rationalization of consumption and reduction of costs.
The work of the General Administration for Research and Development is summarized as follows:

  • Developing existing products and developing new products.
  • Cooperating with external authorities in conducting technical research and studies in the company’s fields of work in cooperation with research centers such as the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), The Egyptian National Cleaner Production Centre (ENCPC) and Environmental compliance office (ECO).
  • Conducting technical research and studies on the problems of production lines and power.
  • Cooperating with the external financial and donor sources that participate in improving production and reducing costs.

The Egyptian National Cleaner Production Centre (ENCPC):

Cooperation with the Ministry of Industry’s Cleaner Production Center to prepare a complete technical report for energy rationalization (natural gas consumption).

Environmental compliance office (ECO):

Cooperation with the Environmental Compliance Office to prepare a report on the company’s community participation during the year 2015.

Cooperation with the Environmental Affairs Agency:

  • Conducting environmental impact assessment studies on the new projects (carried out) (executed) by the company.
  • Conduct auditing and environmental compatibility studies of the outputs of the company’s factories.

Benefiting from the support provided by the donors to the Environmental Affairs Agency for projects with environmental returns from implementing (executing) the following:

A factory for the production of high pure sodium chloride salt (Vacuum) and magnesium sulfate fertilizer through the Egyptian Environmental Protection Fund program (EPF) for the public business sector (FACE).

Expansions in a high pure sodium chloride salt (vacuum) production plant and a unit for the production of ultrapure sodium chloride salt for medical use through The Egyptian Pollution Abatement Project (EPAP) for the private sector and the public business sector (PPSI).

 Analysis of qualitative consumption data of inputs in production processes and drawing conclusions and submitting them in monthly and semi-annual reports to senior management. 

About Emisal

The company was established with the primary environmental objective of improving the salinity concentration of Qarun lake in the appropriate boundaries   of marine life because of the environmental, economic and social importance to the surrounding community and Egypt in general, by building an industrial base at the lake site to extract and manufacture a variety of products such as table salt and industrial salts and present their products to the local, Regional, and global markets.

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