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The Egyptian Minerals And Salts Company at Fayoum (EMISAL)
owns many factories for the production of different types of salts.

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The Egyptian Minerals And Salts Company at  Fayoum (EMISAL)   owns many factories for the production of different types of salts.

Anhydrous Sodium Sulfate factory:-

The main idea of ​​the factory production is the gradual cooling of the saline water entering the factory to -1 °C. This is to sediment the hydrated sodium sulfate salt, which is separated from the saline water by Centrifugation units (first stage). Then the salt is converted from hydrated sodium sulfate salt  (Na2SO4.10H2O) to anhydrous Sodium Sulfate (Na2SO4), by melting it in crystallization water at a temperature of 50 °C, Then the salt is separated by centrifugation units (second stage) , and then dried and packed.

 The packages: 50 kg bags (sacks) – jumbo bag 1.25 Ton – jumbo 1.35 Ton – jumbo 1.5 tons (according to the customer’s desire).

Uses of Sodium Sulfate Salt:

  • Dry detergents.
  • Paper and glass industry.
  • Textile industry.
Sodium chloride factory
Sodium chloride factory
Sodium chloride factory

Sodium chloride salt washing and refining factory:

The raw salt deposited in sedimentation ponds is collected because of solar evaporation of the solution from the Sodium Sulfate factory by loaders and heavy equipment and transported to the raw salt store for spread, drying and storage.

Then the raw salt enters the factory for washing in three stages, then into the dryer and then packing. Salt is produced with a minimum purity of 98.5 and a moisture content of no more than 0.2%, according to the Egyptian standard and the customer’s request.

  • The packages:  bags of 25 kg – 50 kg – jumbo bag 1 ton – 1.25 tons (according to the customer’s request).
  • Packages of iodized salt according to the Egyptian standard: small bags 300 g, 450 g, and 650 g and bags 25-50 kg (according to the customer’s request).

Uses of sodium chloride salt:

  • Dairy and food industries.
  • Dyeing and textile industry.
  • Chlorine and caustic soda industry.
  • Soda Ash Industry.
 Sodium Chloride plant (bono salt)

 Sodium Chloride plant (bono salt)

High purity Sodium Chloride (vacuum salt) factory and Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) factory:-

High purity Sodium Chloride (vacuum) factory:-

EMISAL is the first company in Egypt to produce the high purity Sodium Chloride salt (vacuum salt) as the required solution is prepared in evaporation ponds to reach the required specification ,  then the solution is filtered to purify it from the plankton and impurities, then it is heated in four evaporators, then the precipitated salt is separated by centrifugal units. Then to the dryer and finally to packing, to produce a salt with a moisture content not more than 0.2% and the purity is 99.4% as a minimum.

  • The packages: 25 kg – 50 kg – jumbo bag 1 ton – 1.25 tons (according to customer’s request)
  • Iodized salt according to the Egyptian standards and customer’s request.


High purity Sodium Chloride (vacuum) salt

hydrated Magnesium Sulfate factory  (Epsom Salt)  :-

 The production process in the Epsom factory depends on the solution produced from the vacuum production factory after separating the sodium chloride salt, where the solution rich in magnesium sulfate is cooled to precipitate, then it is separated by a centrifugal units , then the drying stage to obtain hydrated magnesium sulfate with a purity of 98% as a minimum.

Uses of hydrated magnesium sulfate salt:

  • Agricultural Fertilizer.
  • Fertilizer industry.
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) factory
Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) factory

Sodium chloride salt for medical uses (pharmaceutical salt)

  • High purity Sodium chloride salts is produced like the previous factory.

The stages of pharmaceutical salt production begin with the production of high-purity vacuum salt and then dissolved and processed in the processing unit for saline solution to get rid of impurities and this solution is pulled into the factory and follows the steps of producing vacuum salt. It is then packaged in the sterile area, which is prepared in accordance with the specifications of the Ministry of Health and this project is the first kind in Egypt.

Uses of pharmaceutical salt:

  • Pharmaceutical solutions industry.
  • Manufacture of intravenous solutions.
  • Dialysis solutions.
vacuum expansion factory
vacuum expansion factory

About Emisal

The company was established with the primary environmental objective of improving the salinity concentration of Qarun lake in the appropriate boundaries   of marine life because of the environmental, economic and social importance to the surrounding community and Egypt in general, by building an industrial base at the lake site to extract and manufacture a variety of products such as table salt and industrial salts and present their products to the local, Regional, and global markets.

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