Certified Quality Systems

The Egyptian Company for Salts and Minerals (EMESAL)
has obtained many quality certificates in different fields.

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Quality programs:-

“Quality is first” is the main focus on which the company’s policy is based, and for that, the company has obtained  many quality certificates to supervise and follow up all the different stages of production processes in order to satisfy customers.

During the year, the necessary analysis are carried out for the solutions, during the production stages and to the final products.

The company has obtained many quality certificates such as:-

  1. BRC Food Safety 2021
  2. ISO 9001 2015
  3. ISO 14001 -2015 – ” environmental certification “
  4. ISO 22000 – 2005 ” food safety”
  5. ISO 45001 – 2018
  6. EG53987U – 2021 “Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) “
  7. SEDEX

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EMISAL Quality Systems Certificates

About Emisal

The company was established with the primary environmental objective of improving the salinity concentration of Qarun lake in the appropriate boundaries   of marine life because of the environmental, economic and social importance to the surrounding community and Egypt in general, by building an industrial base at the lake site to extract and manufacture a variety of products such as table salt and industrial salts and present their products to the local, Regional, and global markets.

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